A story for adults to introduce the concepts of privacy and security to children.

Join the adventures of Xander Sloan and Tre, as they travel under the sea and over the moon, fighting off Phish and the Dark Beast, to protect living creatures from the Kingdom of Fear.

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Lili Ana
Lili AnaAuthor, Xander Sloan
Lili Ana is dedicated to educating individuals of all ages on information security awareness. She understands the significant knowledge gap and need for cyber security education among populations and simplifies heavy tech jargon to engage and motivate her readership. Lili Ana holds a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification and is a doctoral student at the University of Southern California where she is researching Information Security for a degree in Organizational Change and Leadership. Lili Ana works to provide accessible and entertaining cybersecurity content to audiences around the world. She has lesson plans available for grades Kinder-3rd, and in her spare time she reads to classrooms and assists principals and teachers with educating children about social engineering.

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